By Shelley Litke,  Principal, Colliers Project Leaders

Canada’s Post-Secondary Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) is a great opportunity for our nation’s higher education institutions to grow their campuses, but it comes with strict project completion timelines. All SIF projects must be substantially complete by April 30 2018, meaning that by this point, they should all be either beginning or well into construction.

What can you do if your project falls behind?  Never fret. It is not too late — there are ways to get you back on track.

Getting Your Project Back on Track

The expertise of a project manager can turn things around for you. Here is a prime example.

For a number of reasons, the Ministry of Education in British Columbia became concerned that one of the province’s SIF projects was falling behind. They instructed the institution to bring in an external project manager to get the project back on track, and they selected us.

When our team sat down with our new client for the project kick off meeting, the designer had been procured and the general contractor tender documents were a week away from release. Normally, we pre-qualify contractors on fast turnaround projects to ensure that the contract goes to the most qualified proponent with the most comprehensive plan.  With that not being possible, our team realigned their thinking.  At tender close, we set up a pre-award meeting with the lowest compliant bidder to ensure that they understood the project and the importance of meeting the schedule milestones, to clarify their bid, identify options for value engineering, and other opportunities to fast-track construction.

This project is now on the right path again and headed towards sustainable completion.

Always Look Forward

When you run into problems at this stage in a project, you have to keep looking forwards. Do not get caught up in what has gone wrong. Focus on your next deliverable, and how to meet that deadline.

We know from our experience that projects need attention and commitment from beginning to end. So what can you do if your project is still waiting to enter the construction phase? At this stage in the game, it is almost impossible to make dramatic changes. However, an experienced project manager can analyze your project and make concrete suggestions about how to get it back on track.

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