Advanced Research and Innovation in Smart Environments (aRISE) Project – Carleton University

Arise Project

Scope: Renovation and Major Expansion of Existing Research Building under Federal SIF Mandate
Value: $29.5 million
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Start and Completion: June 2016 – April 2018
Client: Carleton University, Facilities Management and Planning


The aRISE Project at Carleton University involves the renovation of the ground floor entrance and the provision of four full floorplates, a new mechanical penthouse, a new exterior access from the north side and an all new appearance to the building. It also involves repairs to an adjoining pedestrian and service tunnels. This project is a funded by, among others, the Federal Government’s Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund and, as such, is subject to an aggressive timeline to achieve substantial performance. The major challenges for this project are schedule and access control, which requires tremendous coordination and vigil to ensure the safety of contractors and respect their workspace and time.


Carleton University, Facilities Management and Planning, hired Colliers Project Leaders to provide full project management services and  consequently address the challenges of the aRISE Project. The demands of the schedule require our team to work in close coordination with the City for the permitting process. We also have to provide immediate responses to contractor questions; and closely monitor the project progress by all contractors, and additional costs and time to make up for any changes or unforeseen interruptions. Access control is a challenge for several reasons.  Surrounding the site is an active campus. An arterial road, where traffic is a real operational concern for Carleton University, is nearby as well as a small service road that connects several buildings. Students, staff and contractors use this area heavily. By having Colliers Project Leaders staff onsite at all times, we are able to address the access control through intensive coordination and communication.